An Innocent Man

  • Gonna tell you a tale of a guy I'll call Joe. May as well call him that, since that is his name.

    Joe is sweet. Totally innocent, with the sort of naivety that normally gets pounded out of guys by the third grade, if not sooner. He has never learned to look at life askance and ask what crap it is trying to pull on him now. 

    Don't get me wrong - as far as making a living goes he is doing very well indeed. He is a top flight mechanic and pulls 12 hour days because he is so popular. You see, he never lies, never pads the bills and takes the time to make sure the car owner both knows and understands every option they have available. His boss may fume about lost earnings, but Joe's skills are far more valuable, since people round here actually queue for weeks to get their car seen to by him.

    Joe's problem is he is a nice guy. Not just with guys, but with women too. Yeah, every male reader just winced and filled in the rest of the story for themselves. 

    From a guy's perspective, nice guy is a huge problem. While there are genuinely nice guys - like Joe - there are far, far more "nice guys" out there looking for pity sex. Gals are on to their scheming ways, and guys like Joe get caught in the crossfire. Or taken advantage of with a pitiless savagery that would have you crying if it was a bad movie

    Joe's problem is he gets labelled as a creep. One of those losers who constantly mutters "I do all this for her, why does she never show me the goods?" He never does that. He just gets up at 3 AM to pick up a friend and drive her home when she calls in tears and half drunk. Never expects jack, which is a good thing considering jack is exactly what he gets.

    So remember ladies. That nice guy might be genuine. 

    Probably not though,